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I'm back!

2011-12-02 19:19:26 by doppler20000

Yep, this means more music!

One Rejected Law Delayed
So, i'm sorry guys, but I wanted to add voices, and that mean't i needed to start all over. I will accept ANY voice actors(Examples:"Seymour, big-jonny-13, TomoMato(is that his name?), etc.). Bad ones won't be accepted(No Examples.).

Magic Crayon - COMING SOON!
I got an idea from a shcolastic DVD yesterday(watched it with my younger brother) that i'm turning into a flash. It's a parody and a tribute to Harold and the Purple Crayon. ANY(even somewhat bad) voice actors accepted.

My 3D and 2D animation was 98% failure(2% cause it passed judgement and 2 reviews of 2), Nut in the beginning, where that 3D Cubehead(3D and 2D) was walking though the desert, Cubehead is in this one to.

Space-Whale, if you're reading this, i am using one of you're audios for the intro! GUESS WHICH ONE!

2 in 1 day...

2011-03-13 17:17:00 by doppler20000

...that's amazing.

A Victory song and a Game

*edit(Same day as posted(3/13/11))*- Man! More Wow! Both songs have been voted 5!!


2011-03-12 19:46:46 by doppler20000

Febuary 18, 2011.

My audio finally got approved! But i was not around to see it, nor respond to reviews, even though there wasn't any.

March 12, 2011.

I found out about the audio, but i was a little surprised with the results:"1 vote(3.00), 8 listens(what?), 1 download(i knew it.).

*edit(3/13/11)*- 2 votes(now 1.45 D: No way!) now!

Quest for the Lollypop

2011-03-08 17:07:28 by doppler20000

The first flash for Claymation Studios has been delayed due to the upcoming flash(stopmotion like game):"Quest for the Lollypop".

Baah, I'm bored, PM me for more information.

Claymation Studios.

2011-02-17 16:08:48 by doppler20000

Coming Soon.


Nobody Can join yet, cause to host a collabritive effort, i need a 3.5 Batting Average(Thanks to TurkeyOnAStick for that information!).


Claymation Studios makes the following:

1.Clayations(Creations made out of clay)


3.Ideas to change the world(not commonly)


Claymation Studios will have a flash in a day or 2, or a week.

I'm stupid but back.

2011-02-16 16:08:16 by doppler20000

Hello fellow newgrounders, ever since i made this account i never used it, and that is stupid. I know.

BUT, after a fellow user known as doppler73 reminded me about my account, i went back to it.

Yet, i felt a lil' stupid too.

So, i am back i'm saying(Cause this isn't the day i joined).

I need a little welcome as well.